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Piemonte Igp Hazelnut

Piemonte Igp Hazelnut

The love and care dedicated to the cultivation of IGP hazelnuts, gives our products a unique taste, fragrance and aroma. Combining our IGP hazelnuts with first quality ingredients, we obtain excellent end products.


Toasted Piemonte IGP hazelnut

The Piemonte IGP hazelnuts are dried in the sun, shelled, and calibrated. The next toasting procedure exalts the aromas, the fragrance and the typical and unique taste of the “tonda gentile trilobata” hazelnut of Piemonte.
The packages, in thermowelded vacuum packs, are available in: 200 g - 500 g


Hazelnut tart

To prepare the hazelnut tart only a few and carefully selected ingredients are used.  Only flour of the   Piemonte IGP “tonda gentile trilobata” hazelnut (51%) is used, making it ideal for persons intolerant to glutin.
It can be eaten by itself, or with traditional sauces such as eggnog or our SQUISITELLA (cream of hazelnuts and cocao).
The package contains 330 g.


Hazelnut Biscutin

A delicate and crunchy biscuit, prepared with few high quality ingredients, that exalt the intense fragrance and unique taste of the Piemonte IGP “tonda gentile trilobata” hazelnut (51%).
Ideal for persons intolerant to gluten.
It can be eaten at breakfast or at the end of a meal together with coffee, or with a glass of Moscato or Barolo chinato wine.
Excellent together with our SQUISITELLA (cream of hazelnuts and cocoa).
Packages 200g


Squisitella Hazelnuts Cream

A delicious creamy spread with a strong taste, produced with 52% of Piemonte IGP “tonda gentile trilobata” hazelnuts and cocoa.
Ideal for persons intolerant to gluten.
Ideal for breakfast or a snack.
Excellent together with HAZELNUT TART or BISCUTIN.
Available in glass jars 200g