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Italian Honey

Italian Honey

Our bees, industrious and untireable, gather the nectar from the best flowering and convert it into honey in their hives. The bee-keeper Giorgio, gathers part of the fruit of their labour, taking care to maintain the balance and health, ensuring they have a sufficient amount of stock.

Miele di Acacia

Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated types of honey, with its sweet taste, little acid, delicate aroma and  gentle, slightly flowery fragrance.
In appearance it is pale straw yellow, at times almost colourless, and has a liquid consistenmcy that remains stable.
Excelklent for the preparation of sweet dishes, it also goes well with gorgonzola, pecorino cheese and yogurt.
Available in glass jars: 500 g - 1000 g

Miele di Castagno

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is one of the types most produced in Piemonte. Its flavour is initially rather sweet, that then changes to a more or less bitter aftertaste and has an intense, aromatic perfume.
It has a slightly dark amber colour, the consistency is liquid that very slowly crystalises.
It goes well with strong and medium-aged cheeses such as Parmisan, Raschera, Castelmagno or mature Toma.
Available in glass jars: 500 g - 1000

Miele di Millefiori

Wildflower honey

Wildflower honey is a honey that incorporates the charactereistics of many flowers. The taste is sweet with a flowery flavour, typical of the wild flowers from which it derives.
The colour may vary from straw yellow to dark amber, whereas the consistency may be liquid or crystaline.
Excellent to prepare sweet dishes or for breakfast.
Available in glass jars: 500 g - 1000 g

Miele di Melata

Woodland honeydew honey

Woodland honeydew honey derives from a sugar substance on the leaves and branches of the plants produced by aphids and other small insects, and then collected by the bees. It has a full taste, aromatic and not very sweet, the aroma is mildly intense, vegetal and fruity.
The colour is dark amber at times almost tarred, with a variable consistency, it often remains creamy for a long time
Excellent with matured sheep or goat cheeses
Available in glass jars: 500 g - 1000 g