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The Farm

Agricultural Holdings

The agricultural holding extends over an area of about 35 hectares in the districts of Bra, Sanfrè, Cherasco and Pocapaglia.

As well as a traditional cultivation of grains including soya, maize, wheat, sunflowers, rapeseed and fodder, during recent years the cultivation of IGP hazelnut groves, orchards, vegetables and buckwheat has been incremented, together with the breeding of small animals, such as rabbits and hens.

Part of the IGP hazelnuts and fruit is used to prepare typical local products such as toasted IGP hazalnuts, hazelnut tarts and biscuits, chocolate and hazelnut spread, extra fruit jams.

Since 2016 the holding has also started beekeeping producing a varied quality of Italian honeys. The bees live in the natural and incontaminated environment of our woods, and some of them migrate to the high mountains.

A portion of the agricultural holding area, since it is woodland, offers the production of firewood, which is used  internally and  also sold.

On the property, there is also a small natural lake in which there are fish, such as carp and sturgeon.

Keeping a careful eye on the environment, and in harmony with nature, a heating system with renewable sources has been installed and also a plant to produce electrical energy using solar panels. There is also a system to collect rain water, which is used for the irrigation of the areas adjacent to the property.